Restaurant Recommendations

two glasses of beer on a table next to a roaring fire
In Edgartown

The Newes From America, 508-627-4397
23 Kelly Street (in The Kelly House Inn, downtown Edgartown) We love this place! Great, American food for the whole family in a charming antique building. For each of their beers you drink you collect a “wooden nickel” souvenir - - save enough and they name a bar stool after you (we keep a bowl to collect them in the house)

The Wharf Pub & Restaurant, 508-627-9966
Lower Main Street (in downtown Edgartown) Great chili and other bar food with a ton of screens for watching sports. Live music on stage. A fun place.

Sharky's Cantina, 508-627-6565 (Edgartown) and 508-693-7501 (Oak Bluffs)
In Edgartown - 266 Upper Main Street. In Oak Bluffs - 31 Circuit Avenue. When it’s August, and you can’t get a parking space in downtown Edgartown, you can (almost) always get a parking space at Sharky’s which is located just before the downtown! Outdoor tables, indoor tables, good food for the whole family, even American favorites, we have a frequent flyer card here, no wonder it always wins the “Best of MV” survey!

In Oak Bluffs

Offshore Ale Company, 508-693-2626
Kennebuc Avenue (near the ferry in OB). Our favorite place in OB. Nice outdoor dining in the warm weather, big barrels of peanuts to munch on (throw shells on the floor), micro brew, homemade awesome root beer, teriffic food.

Lookout Tavern, 508-696-9844
8 Seaview Avenue Extension (across from the Ferry in OB). A great place to eat just before a quick dash to the ferry. Nice deck overlooking the harbor, good food.

1. If you are on the island in August, make reservations ahead of time or be prepared to eat late or wait.
2. While there IS take out/pick up, there is no pizza delivery to Katama.