Places to Go

public beaches on martha's vineyard

Go Offroading on Norton Point Beach!
Located ½ mile from the house, where Katama Road ends at South Beach, this is a stunningly beautiful 2.5 mile barrier beach. If you have an SUV, you can lower the air pressure in your tires at the beach entrance and drive out onto the beach for the day or, a family favorite, sunset picnic for a small fee. Refill your tires again at the air pump station as you leave the beach.

Norton Point Beach, on 254 acres, is a 2.5 mile-long strip of sand and dunes at the East End of South Beach. This narrow strip is known as a barrier beach because it shelters the mainland from the full force of the Atlantic. Storm waves can completely submerge the beach, and sand erosion is common. The result is that the width of Norton Point Beach can vary dramatically—from 95 feet to 300 feet. This ever-changing environment provides an important habitat for nesting shorebirds, and a sporting challenge for the fishermen who surfcast from this popular site.

Offers summer recreational opportunities for shellfishing, swimming, and picnicking. Autumn and winter are great for birdwatching. The extensive sandflats are used by migrating shorebirds for feeding and resting. Winter bird residents include snowy owls, mergansers, and bufflehead ducks.

Admission Fees & Permits: Free for pedestrians. Unsuitable for bikes due to deep sand. Over-sand vehicle (OSV) permit fees: Daily OSV passes are available at the gatehouse only; $30 if vehicle is not registered on Martha's Vineyard; $20 if vehicle is registered on Martha's Vineyard.

South Beach
½ mile walk from the house, at the end of Katama Road. This is an open ocean beach with waves that range from docile to large and dangerous. South Beach runs the entire length of the southern end of Martha's Vineyard, however the name "South Beach" commonly refers to a stretch of public beach that is demarcated by Herring Creek Road on the west and Chappaquiddick Island on the east. Walk from the house, or drive and drop off. Parking is free and plentiful if you arrive by noon. Lifeguards on duty.

Long Point Beach
A bit of a drive out of town to Waldron’s Bottom Road, but well worth it. Waves are better than South Beach for skim boarders, boogie boarding etc. At same site is lovely swimming for little kids in the Long Cove Pond which is freshwater and looks like a beach more than like a pond and is nicely warm, shallow, and tame for little kids.

TIP- arrive by 10am or you won’t get parking in July and August