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katama airpark
Katama Airpark
A public airport owned by the Town of Edgartown, Massachusetts. It has three runways, averages 22 flights per day, and has approximately four aircraft based on its field.

During World War II, Martha's Vineyard functioned as an outer defense and a training facility for gunnery and pilots. In addition to the main Martha's Vineyard Airport (MVY), there was a small airport at Katama near a gunnery practice area at the beach. In the 1980s it was purchased with state conservation funds.

It is currently managed by the municipal government of Edgartown. It is the quintessential grass airfield — no fancy navigation equipment. It is possible to land and park the plane no more than 100 feet from South Beach. During the season (roughly May 31 to Labor Day), there are biplane and glider rides available.